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An Automatic Ceramic Hair Curler

Go cordless with an all-in-one

Go cordless with an all-in-one, slim-design compact rechargeable curling rod that will quickly replace your trusty curling iron forever. No more tiring, turning and twisting to untangle tangled hair or trying to pull out the cord. Instead, say hello to hassle-free, cordless auto ceramic hair curler. No more fussing with a wall adapter or battery-cracking, never-ending cords. With auto-ceramic hair curlers, you’re done with fussing!

Auto Ceramic Hair Curler MoodInTheBox

Gone are the days when you had no choice

An all-in-one sleek-design curling rod and universal voltage adapter give you all the benefits of a cordless, but in a tiny, easy to handle gadget. Gone are the days when you had no choice but to drag your cord around your bathroom sink or shower floor. Now your hair care regimen can be as simple and convenient as getting dressed. And say hello to no more tiring, turning and twisting. Auto Ceramic Hair Curler makes it easy to apply, let dry, and then rinse out – without a fuss!

One USB cord provides all the power

One USB cord provides all the power you need to transform your look with an auto-ceramic hair curler. Your choice of colors include classic black, white, and silver, so you’re sure to match any of your daily fashion needs. There’s also a white option with an isolated heat-styling chamber that allows you to style wet hair without jumping in the water. The all-in-one USB cord eliminates the hassle of multiple cords and cables. It’s a must have for the modern woman who wants convenience and simplicity. The white ceramic USB cord is the best choice for the modern woman.

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Auto Ceramic Hair Curler MoodInTheBox

It is super-sizing perfect

The compact design of the all-in-one curling tool means it will take up significantly less space in your purse or desk. It is super-sizing perfect for the busy professional who doesn’t want to deal with endless cords but still wants to keep her hair well groomed. With the compact design you can have the curling rod and the remote wherever you are, as long as you have a computer (wireless or cordless). No matter where you go you can transform your look with the all-in-one auto ceramic hair curler. It’s perfect for the modern professional but can be used by anyone wanting to save time and effort with their hair styling.

All-in-one auto ceramic hair curler

The all-in-one auto ceramic hair curler consists of a stainless steel barrel that contains the heating element and the separate handle and cordless earpiece. The heating chamber is completely isolated from the rest of the unit, which allows for precise temperature control. The remote control gives you instant access to the styling parameters, while the earpiece lets you program a number of different hairstyles without switching devices. The auto-ceramic system is fully programmable and has over 40 variable temperatures for dry, wet, and style styling.

Using a hands free device gives women more freedom

Using a hands free device gives women more freedom and can be a much better option than using a corded model. Many women do not want to deal with trying to carry numerous cables around with them, but with an auto-ceramic hair curling barrier holds hair styling tools in one place, eliminating the need for multiple devices. It also has a handy storage compartment, so it won’t take up much space when you aren’t using it. This product is truly versatile, which makes it a great choice for anyone who wants to save time and effort in the form of one simple device.

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With the auto-ceramic hair curling rod you won’t have to worry about wasting time styling wet hair; it will dry automatically. The latest two-way rotation technology allows you to change the temperature (low, medium, high), and styling direction of your hair simply by turning the handle. When the temperature goes high, the hair will be extremely shiny and straight. When it goes low, your hair will be naturally curly and soft.

You can purchase the latest model right now from the Auto Ceramic Hair Curler website for your personal enjoyment. There are no shipping fees and all sales are free worldwide. So why would you look for a ceramic rod when there is such a sleek alternative out there? Well, the answer is simplicity itself. If you are tired of looking at your beautiful straight or wavy hair without any frizz, want to add instant shine, or have split ends that drive you crazy, try out the ceramic style!

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